From Steven:

Here is one thing I have learned over the past few days about the media, esp. ESPN, when it comes to sports reports – don’t immediately believe what they have to say. Just a few days ago, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen stated that as a matter of fact, Matt Leinart was going to start for Arizona against Atlanta this week, only to have Coach Green and the Cardinals say, “NO Kurt is still the man,” only one day later.

Same goes for the report on QB Vince Young of Tennessee. Still, those stories are nothing compared to the story they ran with regarding Dallas Cowboys’ WR Terrell Owens.

Now this story about Terrell Owens makes me angry. Not because I want to come out and defend Terrell Owens, but because the media is messing with people’s lives here, and they are taking no responsibility for it. The media continues to try to take ever story involving Terrell Owens and make it out to be a Shakespearean tragedy.

This story was handled very unprofessionally and most of the facts seem to come from hearsay. Can you imagine being a friend or a family member of an individual and you hear that they tried to commit suicide. That would drive you crazy and then to finally contact that person and they tell you those disturbing reports were false. I would not be happy about it at all.

Owens’ story about the supplements and pain killers is not only credible, but it is supported by what has happened since then. An early hospital discharge, no psychological consultation and being back at work practicing today should let you know he did not try to kill himself. When someone tries to take their own life, they are not back at work the next day – trust me, I know.

TO has handled this invasion of his privacy very well and better than most of us would have.

Sure, you can argue that he is a professional athlete and that he has created this media circus that surrounds him, but you cannot report what you please just to sell papers and get ratings. The media is starting to push on some boundaries and one day they will take it too far.