The Good
Highest percentage of wins for a playoff field since 1977!
Not only do they have the best winning percentage (.719) of any playoff field since 1977 (.732), the 12 teams in this years playoffs have more wins than any other playoff field. All teams in the playoffs have 10 or more wins – incredible.

Two of the four Wild Card games are rematches from the regular season and those proved just as good the second time around.

The Good, Part II
Road Teams dominate!

Carolina goes into the city that never sleeps and shuts down the New York Giants by posting a shutout. Washington manages to win in Tampa with only 120 yards of total offense. Pittsburgh travels to Cincinnati, knocks out the Bengals starting QB and posts a huge road win. This is why they play the games!The Bad
Jaguars claiming “We get no respect!”
All week long they Jacksonville Jaguars were bitter about how everyone was picking New England to win and nobody was giving the 12 win team any “love”. I was one of the few that was on the fence on Jacksonville and even said they would keep it close. How do the Jags repay me, by showing exactly WHY everyone was picking New England.

The Jaguars looked bad – just plain bad against the Patriots in losing 28-3. Maybe next time they will spend more time focusing on getting ready for the game than complaining about getting any respect.

The Ugly
No Way Pittsburgh wins if Palmer is on the field!
Of course, this is something now that we will never know. On only the second offensive play from scrimmage for the Cincinnati Bengals, QB Carson Palmer was injured on a hit by Pittsburgh nose tackle Kimo von Oelhoffen.

Carson Palmer throws a pass for a record setting Bengal playoffs
pass before getting hit by von OelHoffen. (AP Photo/Tom Uhlman)”I knew right away that it was bad,” said Palmer after the game. “I felt my whole knee pop. I didn’t feel a lot of pain. It was just a sickening feeling because I knew what it was and that my season was over.”

We hate to see any player ever get hurt, but to get hurt early on in the first playoff game Palmer had ever played in and first playoff game for the Benglas in over 14 years – it was extremely hard to see.

Carson Palmer after getting injured on the second offensive play.
(AP Photo/David Kohl)