The Good
I’ll take the Colts, Seahawks, Bears, Chargers and Vikings please!
These five teams just cannot be beat. The Chargers and Vikings are on five game win streaks. Astonishing, considering the Chargers had to deal with a brutal schedule and the Vikings had to deal with crushing injuries and overwhelming off the field issues.

The Seahawks and Bears are riding 8 game winning streaks. Amazing for a Bears team that started the season with a third string QB and were 1-3 after their first four games. The Seahawks were considered to be the top team in the NFC West, but no one thought they would have clinched the division by Week 13.

And of course, there is the undefeated Indianapolis Colts at 12-0. Are they destined for greatness? All that remains to be seen is if Tony Dungy will go for the perfect undefeated season or rest his starters for the playoffs. I say “Go for it Tony! How many times will you be in this position in your life?”

The Bad
The Green Bay Packers and the future of Brett Farve.

Brett Farve is sacked and fumbles in the 4th quarter
of the Packers 19-7 lossto the Bears in Chicago.

Just how many hits can one man take? How many bad games can he endure? How many bad decisions must he make, and how many interceptions must he throw before someone tells him, “Well done my boy, but now it’s time to step aside.”

Against the Bears Brett Farve looked like a sliver of the grand quarterback he once was. He was held with no TD passes and went 31 of 58 for 277 yards and 2 INTs, one which was returned for a TD. He was also sacked twice, fumbled once and hit hard on several other occasions.

With no players of significance around him on the offensive side of the ball, Brett looks lost and is trying to do too much on his own. He no longer has the receivers on his side that will go up and answer his prayers when he tosses that Hail Mary pass he so often heaves up. Only he can step down and let the Packers regroup and move on. Question is, can he do that?

The Ugly
The Eagles lay an egg on Reggie White night!
Only good things can be said about a team that is out of the playoffs, but still comes out and plays hard every week. That is not true about the Philadelphia Eagles.

They were embarrassed on Monday Night by the Seattle Seahawks and the Seahawks didn’t have to make much of an effort. The game was virtually handed to them by an Eagles team that did not play with urgency, consistency or pride. Receivers did not run clean routes. After turnovers, players seemed to give up on the play and hardly made an attempt to play the game I have come to love.

The Eagles offense was directly responsible for 28 of the Seahawks 42 points. Two interceptions were returned for touchdowns, while another interception was returned to the 2 yard line setting up another TD. This along with a fumble recovery that was returned for a TD made the Eagles look pathetic.

They should be ashamed for the lackadaisical effort they put forth on a professional field.