Enough is Enough! That’s right, I have reached the limit and the buck stops here.

NFL Rants and Raves will no longer talk about Terrell Owens anymore!

Enough about T.O. already! Is everyone else tired with hearing about this guy, or is it just me?

From this point forward, NFL Rants and Raves promises not to discuss anything that Owens does on or off the field. That’s right – there is no one person who is above their team and above the game. As a Cowboy fan, I am glad he is causing so much issues for the Eagles. Can you blame me? But one this is for sure – and I say this now early in my blog life – NFL RANTS AND RAVES WILL NO LONGER TALK ABOUT TERRELL OWENS – EVER!

Not even if he catches 10 touchdown passes in a game will his name be mentioned. All you Eagle fans out there should be worried that he has made a mess of this offseason for the Eagles front office and you can only hope he has not ruined your run at the playoffs this year.

Now lets move on. The preseason is now in full swing this weekend and I am ready for it. Why, oh why is the football off-season so long? NFL Europe and Arena Football are nice, but nothing beats the NFL.

The first full weekend of preseason games saw some interesting play and caused some teams heartache. The Chicago Bears lost QB Rex Grossman with a fractured foot and he will be sidelined 3 to 4 months. And since the Bears did not acquire a veteran QB this offseason they are in trouble. (As of this writing, the Bears agreed to terms with Jeff Blake.)

Not sure who I’d rather have behind center, but Rex Grossman was not the BE ALL – SAVE ALL the Bears fans made him out to be. Sure he had one great game against the Packers, but other than that he was a middle tier QB, if that. With the Packers and the Vikings and a Lions team overflowing with talent, the Bears were not going to compete for that division anyways.