Why can’t the 2nd largest market in the US land a pro football team?

What is it about Los Angeles that prevents it from being a home to a successful NFL team?

The beaches.

The sun.

The OC?

Since the Raiders left the Los Angeles Coliseum in 1994 and the Rams left Anaheim in 1995, Los Angeles has been without a professional football team. There was a possible opening for LA to get an expansion team back in 2002, but that honor went to Houston, who had lost the Oilers to Tennessee. (Now the Titans.)

Flashback to 1999, the Browns had just been awarded the 31st expansion team and the NFL needs to come up with another expansion team to start play in 2002. There are three players in the mix, McNair from Houston and two parties from LA. Why do I say two parties from LA? That’s the point. While McNair had a sound plan for wooing the NFL to Houston, the two parties from LA fought one another instead of putting together a solid plan. End result? McNair’s flair and his Reliant Stadium proposal were too much for either of the parties from LA.

In 2002, instead of being home to a new expansion team, LA watches from the sideline as the Houston Texans play their first home game and defeat the Dallas Cowboys 19-10, making it the first time an expansion team wins its first game since the Vikings did it in 1961. Now the Texans are a year or two away from making the playoffs, possibly as soon as this year.

Why can’t the NFL find a home in a city that has two sports teams in every other league.

MLB had the Dodgers and Angels. The NBA sport the Lakers and Clippers. Yes I count the Clippers. And even the currently disfunctional NHL sees LA host the Kings and Ducks.

Can it possibly be that there is too much to do in LA? Unlike most other football cities in October, November and December, LA still has beautiful weather. There are so many options for Angelinos on football Sundays. Not for me mind you, I am in front of the big screen with two or three games going at once. But great weather, beaches, amusement parks all over the place, a short drive to snow skiing and Vegas, a short drive to several National Parks, plus six other sports teams are all vying for Angelinos’ attention.

Plus where is the team going to play? Carson’s dump site jumped ship and most recently, Pasadena took the Rose Bowl out of the equation. So what’s left? The LA Coliseum again and a parking lot in Anaheim.

I have only been to the LA Coliseum once but that place needs a serious overhaul before any team would want to move there. And then there is Anaheim. This is a city that is going to court with the Angels for their name change from Anaheim Angels to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Do they really want another professional sports team to move there only to be called Los Angeles “Mascot Name Here”. Not sure the OC would be too happy with that. If they can’t handle one LA team there, they certainly will not welcome another one.

So what’s in store for LA? Not another football team. Not anytime soon, anyways. The NFL has no plans of adding any more expansion teams and the teams looking to move are not likely going to move to LA if there is no stadium deal in place. So for now, sit back and enjoy watching other teams Angelinos, for the NFL won’t come knocking until you extend them an decent invite.

Anaheim Site
Anaheim’s proposed NFL Stadium site.

Rose Bowl site
Proposed Rose Bowl renovations and additions.