Episode 15.08, the Week 4 Show.
Airdate: Tuesday, September 24, 2019.

It’s officially time to HWMNBN someone. From now on Antonio Brown is He Who Must Not Be Named. We are done with him, and apparently, he is done with the NFL.

Moving on, the Giants finally get a win, but lose their star running back. There are seven undefeated teams, eight if you count the 2-0-1 Lions. Which ones are for real and which ones won’t be there in the end?

Troy Aikman gets snarky on Twitter! And finally, after a dismal 0-3 start, is the NFL really investigating the Dolphins for tanking?

Steven and Steve discuss all their Week 4 NFL picks. Plus, after hitting big with the Packers -7.5 over Denver last week, Steven gives you NOT 1, but 2 winners with his LOCKs of the week!