Episode 14.18, the NFL Wild Card Weekend Show.
Airdate: Thursday, January 3, 2019.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome to 2019. Steven and Steve wish everyone out there listening a healthy and prosperous new year.

It’s playoff time! The tournament is set and we are down to 12 teams left. Chiefs, Patriots, Texans, Ravens, Chargers and Colts in the AFC. Saints, Rams, Bears, Cowboys, Seahawks and Eagles in the NFC. The Vikings let the Eagles into the party. Stupid Minnesota!

The guys answer some of playoff questions presented by fans of the show posted on Twitter and Facebook. They quickly talk about the NFL’s coaching carousel with 8 coaching vacancies in the NFL and they tell you which of the jobs is the best one out there. Steven hates it that NFL teams don’t even wait until Monday anymore.

Plus what is going on with Antonio Brown in Pittsburgh and why was he a Masked Singer? Steven and Steven get you ready for the weekend with their Wild Card picks.