Episode 14.15, the NFL Week 15 Show.
Airdate: Tuesday, December 11, 2018.

Well, well, well, look who got a Challenge Game win! The guys talk about Steve’s win, but Steven tells Steve why he should vacate that win due to an egregious REF ERROR. Speaking of refs in the NFL, Steven has a great rant about part-time refs in the NFL and he even sites specific examples that benefited the Cowboys. Say what?!? The Vikings fire their OC, the Cowboys beat Philly in OT & the Bears D erased the greatest show on turf.

Plus, the guys take a look at all the playoff scenarios for Week 15 and Steven says that the Chargers can become the #1 seed in the AFC and the NFL would be stuck with a Divisional Playoff game and potentially an AFC Championship game in a 30,000 seat stadium. Professor Playoffs was unable to make an appearance due to illness, so Steven and Steve get you ready for Week 15 and all the games having playoff implications!

Did we mention Steve won a Challenge Game!?