2018 Challenge Game

The classic NFL Rants & Raves Challenge Game that started many years ago is back! Steven has taken on Jeff, celebrities and even fans of the show. This year, Steven is introducing the game to his new co-host, Steve Frey.

The game is the same as it always has been, when there are games that Steven disagrees with Steve, a challenge game is selected. The loser of the previous week’s challenge game gets to select the current week’s challenge game. At the end of the year, the loser of the Challenge Games will (maybe, if Steve agrees) endure a punishment that the winner will select. This is trial-by-fire for Steve so it is going to be an interesting ride.

Current Score

Steven Miranda

Steve Frey



Week Steven M Steve F Details


Chargers Ravens Steven M. 11 – Steve F. 6 (Steven M. Wins)
And just like that – the Challenge Game is OVER for Steve. Lamar Jackson seemed out of place as the Chargers went into to Baltimore and held him in check for 3 and a half quarters. Jackson and the Ravens did comeback, but a fumble near the end of the game sealed Baltimore and Steve’s fate!


Colts Titans Steven M. 10 – Steve F. 6 (Steven M. Wins)
By the time this game started, Steven and Steve were tied in the overall season picks race, so this game would determine the overall winner and the Challenge Game. In the end, the Titans had to rely on Blaine Gabbert and he was no match for Andrew Luck. A Colts win puts the pressure back on Steve with 4 weeks to go.


Chiefs Seahawks Steven M. 9 – Steve F. 6 (Steve F. Wins)
Steven never learns. He fell for it again by picking against the Seahawks at home. Seattle had covered for Steve 3 times and the Chiefs had covered for Steven twice, so something had to give. Steve won his third straight Challenge game and now it is getting close.


Cowboys Colts Steven M. 9 – Steve F. 5 (Steve F. Wins)
Steven is kicking himself right now. He switched from the Chargers, they won! He did not take Cleveland over Denver and they won. He had so much confidence in his team that he put it all on the line with Dallas and the Cowboys paid him with a big FAT ZERO as they get blanked by the Colts 23-0.


Vikings Seahawks Steven M. 9 – Steve F. 4 (Steve F. Wins)
Once again the guys only differed on two games but this time, it did not matter as Steve won both games including the Seahawks winning at homea gain. Seattle burns Steven for the third time this season and keeps Steve from being along holding the dubious honor of longest Challenge Game Losing Streak.


Chargers Steelers Steven M. 9 – Steve F. 3 (Steven M. Wins)
The guys only differed on two games this week & Steve wisely avoided the Cowboys vs Saints game. But that left him with the Steelers hosting the Chargers. Although the Steelers dominated the first half, the Chargers came back to win 33-30 making Steve tie the notroious record of losing five consecutive chellenge games!


Browns Benglas Steven M. 8 – Steve F. 3 (Steven M. Wins)
Both Steven and Steve had the exact same picks going in, but in the end, Steve switched over to the Bengals to make this the challenge game. Turns out, you can’t bet on the Bengals this season, especially in back to back Challenge Games.


Ravens Benglas Steven M. 7 – Steve F. 3 (Steven M. Wins)
Steve had four games to choose from but wanted to stay away from the Packers game, which he would have won. He stayed away from the Cowboys game, which he would have lost. So he took the Bengals, and even though Lamar Jackson got the start, the Ravens found a way to win.


Giants 49ers Steven M. 6 – Steve F. 3 (Steven M. Wins)
Steve only had two games to chose from in Week 10 and both had NFC East teams in them. It was either the Bucs over the Redskins or the 49ers over the Giants. In the end, Steve felt the Giants were too weak to win on the road on Monday Night Football. Unfortunately, the 49ers were not up to the task.


Patriots Packers Steven M. 5 – Steve F. 3 (Steven M. Wins)
Steven didn’t real want the evil empire to win the game, but figured it would be tough for Green Bay to travel from L.A. to Foxboro and pick up a win. In the end, he wanted Steve to feel the pressure of having his team must win for him to win a Challenge Game. The game was close, but the Pats pulled away in the end.


Lions Seahawks Steven M. 4 – Steve F. 3 (Steve F. Wins)
Steve was in danger of tying the notroious record of losing five consecutive chellenge games and with him and Steven only disagreeing on two games this week, he is going with the team that gave him his last challenge win, Seatle. He was right and avoided the fifth loss and reduces Steven’s lead to 1.


Panthers Eagles Steven M. 4 – Steve F. 2 (Steven M. Wins)
Steve needs a win big time and this week, he thought the Eagles would take care of business. They lead 17-0 going into the 4th QTR, but somehow they forgot to play the final 11 minutes and wound up losing the game, giving Steven 4 wins in a row. Is Steve about to tie the record for consecutive challenge game losses?


Eagles Giants Steven M. 3 – Steve F. 2 (Steven M. Wins)
Steve said that he was going with his "gut feeling" on this game. Unfortunately he forgot that the Giants are awful this year. Eli Manning is a shell of the QB he once was and someone needs to tell him that it is time to hang ’em up! This was never even close and now Steven has won three consecutive games.


Chiefs Jaguars Steven M. 2 – Steve F. 2 (Steven M. Wins)
All tied up as Chiefs rolled past the Jaguars 30-14 to remain undefeated. Bortles didn’t do Steve any favors as accounting for five turnovers (4 INTs, 1 Fumble). Steve almost conceded the game after the 3rd QTR when he tweeted, "Jags probably not the team I’d chose to make a 4th quarter 16 point comeback."


Chiefs Broncos Steven M. 1 – Steve F. 2 (Steven M. Wins)
Steven finally gets on the board as Patrick Mahomes leads his first comeback on the road to defeat the Broncos. Steve Frey taunted Steven on Twitter, but Steven wasn’t even watching the game as he was at Disneyland with his family. Steven did have the last laugh andNOW have a ball game!


Cowboys Seahawks Steven M. 0 – Steve F. 2 (Steve F. Wins)
Steve seemed to guide Steven to this challenge game selection and unfortunately for Steven, the Week 1 Cowboys showed up in Seattle and a woeful offensive performance, coupled with a bunch of mistakes and the loss of LB Sean Lee, helped Steve take a 2-0 lead for the season.


Raiders Broncos Steven M. 0 – Steve F. 1 (Steve F. Wins)
Apparently Steven had too much confidence in John Gruden and the Raiders gave up a late lead again. This time allowing the Broncos to mount a 4th quarter comeback and snatch the victory from Steven’s hands. Now Steve has the early 1-0 lead and is starting to feel good about his chances.


Browns Steelers Steven M. 0 – Steve F. 0 (TIE)
The game ended in a 21-21 tie! A freaking tie! Can you believe that? The first challenge game of the season and the game ends in a tie! No winner right out of the game, and now with only 20 games left, the Challenge Game can end up in a tie! So much for Steven going out on a limb and trusting the Browns.