We are here! 17 weeks of football all come down to this, the NFL Playoffs. With the Wild Card this weekend, John Carroll puts up his picks against Steven, as Steven needs three straight wins to have any chance of beating the fans with the Super Bowl!

Here we go!

Week 12

El Juego Grande Estupendo De La Semana!

OAK @ HOU Raiders Texans

Steven: There are worse problems in Houston than Oakland missing Carr. They’ll find a way to win.
John Carroll: No way the Raiders go to Houston and beat the Texans with out Carr.

DET @ SEA Seahawks Seahawks

Steven: The Lions will play tough and I am tempted to pick the upset here. But Wilson will out play Stafford.
John Carroll: Too tough to play in Seattle during the playoffs. Lions will be one-and-done again.

MIA @ PIT Steelers Steelers

Steven: Too much offense for Steelers. 4 Bs will get it done! Big Ben, Bell & Brown too much for Dolphins D.
John Carroll: Maybe if Tannehill were the QB. Nah, not even then. Steelers roll.

NYG @ GB Packers Giants

Steven: It will be cold and that will neutralize the Giants O. Happy feet Eli shows up in the end.
John Carroll: Giants might be heading back to Super Bowl as Wild Card. They’ll stop the Packers streak.