Episode 12.14, the Week 9 Preview Show

November is here and all NFL teams have now played at least 8 games. We have truly reached the mid point of the season. This is going to be a quick show because Game 7 of the World Series went into extra innings and then there was a rain delay. CRAZY!!! Congrats to the CHICAGO CUBS – 2016 World Series Champions!

Once again, I am the smartest man alive. San Diego could not sweep Denver and Lee has an apology to all the fans listening right now. I’ll quickly recap Week 8 and if you are counting, I hit another LOCK of the WEEK win bet, bringing me to 6-2 on the season. Thanks Raiders!

No executive producer segment this week, but that was my bad. A standing thank you to my man, Jeremy Parker!

I’ve got all 13 picks for Week 9 and Marc Wood from Leeds puts his picks up against mine and his Challenge Game pick is a humdinger!

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