Steven puts together a quick show before heading out for a night at the theater. He starts with a little Chomp It In by the Dirty Catfish Brass Band and then shares a happy moment by exclaiming that Tony Romo is back!

Steven then talks about the Raiders LB Aldon Smith getting suspended for one year, the Broncos getting ready to play Brock Osweiler as Peyton Manning rests an injured foot, the Rams are going to Case Keenum over Nick Foles, yikes and the New Orleans Saints finally get rid of someone and Steven says, “It’s About Time!”

Guest Fan JD puts his picks up against Steven and makes Steven say Defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots at least nine times.

And before Richard Graves complains, Steven did NOT play “Smartest Man Alive” for Richard since the league acknowledged that they should have called a penalty on the Jaguars in the final seconds of the game along with a 10 second run-off ending the game and not allowing them to kick the game winning field goal. So there it is Richard!