I am just getting back into the swing of things after just getting back from London. Although I am still tired, it was a great trip. Thanks Jeremy for hosting me this year.

It’s time to cast your 2015 Pro Bowl ballot, Adrian Peterson’s football playing fate will be determined next week, Steve Smith says “Thank you” to the Panthers for helping to pay for his bye week vacation. The Rams have decided that the Austin Davis era is over and I’ll share some final thoughts on my trip to London.

Plus Sky Sports News NFL extraordinaire Richard Graves will join me this week as he represents the fans in the pick ’em segment for Week 11.

And what the heck is the media doing? Kim Kardashian West is naked on the cover of a magazine and why can’t the media leave Dez Bryant and the Cowboys alone – they don’t even have a game to play this week – GEEZ! Let them enjoy their bye week!