Joseph Randle Arrested for Shoplifting

Backup running back Joseph Randle was arrested Monday night for shoplifting. According to Frisco Police department, Randle is accused of attempting to steal underwear and cologne from a Dillard’s department store inside Stonebriar Centre Mall.

The charge brought against Randle is Class B misdemeanor theft of $50 to $500. He was released on a writ bond at 1:20 a.m. Tuesday, according to Frisco Police. It is being reported that Randle was caught via closed-circuit surveillance system taking a two-pack of black Polo underwear and an almost full “tester” bottle of Gucci Guilty Black cologne valued at approximately $124.

Steven’s Take:
This has got to be the dumbest thing I have heard in a while. Can someone explain to me why someone that is pulling in over $23,000 a week needs to steal $124 worth of merchandise? Horrible judgement by Randle, and his timing is awful. One day after gaining 55 yards in your teams great win over the Seahawks, you are going to pull this nonsense.

Since it is only a misdemeanor, I do not believe that the Cowboys nor the NFL will suspend Randle, but he will likely get hit with a stiff fine which will make this ordeal more costly than if he would have just paid for the stupid things. I doubt this is going to be a huge distraction, but I guarantee you that his teammates are going to give him grief over this in the locker room.