In the AFC East Preview Show, Steven takes a look at the Bills, Patriots, Jets and Dolphins. A new segment, The Fans Take, sees Greg Campbell join Steven to discuss the Buffalo Bills and Nacho steps in to represent the New England Patriots.

Steven has plenty to say about current NFL News. He rants on the media that will not leave Browns rookie QB Johnny Manziel alone. He is does not understand why the media is having such a hard time with Tony Dungy’s take on why he would not draft Michael Sam. Steven talks about all the Good Ole Boys in the month of July and simply is speechless when it comes to Josh Gordon’s DUI arrest. Steven also gives you his take on the Ravens’ Ray Rice only getting a two game suspension and how Jamal Charles got some new money with the Kansas City Chiefs while Marshawn Lynch appears to hold out of Seahawks camp as he seeks more money.

All of that plus a quick chat with Oakland Raiders LB Nick Roach.