“Beast mode love and appreciate that,” Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks. This was Marshawn Lynch’s response as part of his brief 6.2 minutes of media availability. His teammates did not seem to cower from their League obligation of 60+ minutes. Marshawn decided his 11% of the required time was sufficient. I, for one am crying B.S.! Come to the party or don’t show-up! If you bother to go to the party, don’t dress like the ui-ibomber and hide in the corner and then proclaim that you have met your contractual obligations to the press. You, sir, have failed!

Marshawn Lynch is one of the most talented running backs in the NFL, AND simultaneously is terrified of with the mystical powers of the media. Why has he determined that the press is the enemy in his one man war? People can only ponder. Why has he made it his personal objective to NEVER speak with the press? Can’t say. He has not stood his ground before the press long enough for any of us to have a freaking clue. Instead he pulls his hood over his head and behaves like a helpless victim in the vicious realm of “the media.” The man of few words was the man of no words to those of us dispatched to give an insight into his greatness and significance as part of Seattle’s much respected offense.

He is both a coward and foolish. If he were anything else, he would have stayed in his hotel room with check-book in hand and happily written a check for the fine that the NFL will still impose upon him. Rather than his childish antics of “showing-up” and failing to cooperate with the very simple guidelines of media-day, he chose to pull a Richard Sherman and make it about him. Poor form! Either don’t come or come and participate. You chose! The evil media will acknowledge your decision and conform accordingly. We will either demonize you for not showing up or give you “mad props” for doing something you have made abundantly clear is “not your cup of tea.” Either way you come out shining like a star. Instead you chose the path of the coward and “sort of came” and declared yourself a victim. YOU took the focus off of the team and made it about yourself! Selfish.

You have received ridiculous props from the NFL establishment and fans of the Seattle Seahawks! You are so beloved that Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company has given you a sweet endorsement deal for their confectionary product. What huge company would throw a dime at such a self-absorbed prima-dons as you? You, who gives your media time, to Dion Sanders?!?!? He works for.. let me think here… THE NFL! So basically you spoke to NO ONE! If that is the case the don’t come at all!! If it ”ain’t my thing” as you so articulately stated, then don’t come! You had the choice to stay in your hotel room and write a large check to the NFL (which would have gone to one of several charitable organizations of the Leagues choosing). You, instead, chose to show-up — barely — and make an ass out of yourself. Perhaps you were trying to take the pressure off of your much maligned teammate, Richard Sherman. Someone could have told you that he was doing just fine with his reputation reclamation. He sat there like a man and repeatedly answered the same questions about his failures during the Divisional Championship. He didn’t need your sorry attempt at help and did just fine on his own! Do us all a favor and stay at home. Jeff mode, love and appreciate that!