The guys finally get back into the studio for some more NFL talks. In NFL news, the guys discuss the owners meeting and the news that there will be three Games in London for the 2014 season as the Jaguars, Raiders & Falcons get set to be home teams for those games. The NFL is also saying that ‘Hard Knocks’ is no longer voluntary. They can assign a team if no team volunteers. The Falcons, Colts and Jets all get bad news as Julio Jones, Ahmad Bradshaw & Mark Sanchez are all done for the year.

With only three teams remaining undefeated teams – Broncos, Chiefs & Saints, Jeff asks Steven which team will lose first. Steven says that he cannot believe that fans showed up at the home of QB Matt Schaub. Why can’t we just get rid of all the crazy people. Plus the guys discuss two Good ‘Ole Boys as Aldon Smith gets charged with felony possession of assault weapons and Browns executive Jon Sandusky gets arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Finally the guys get to picking the 15 games of Week 6 and after Steven talks Jeff out of a couple of picks, they are left with only one different pick. Jeff has to make that the Challenge Game, and he is stuck with the Browns over the Lions. Steven says Megatron will play, while Jeff is not so certain.

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