The guys get ready for Week 2 and already Steven hates that we are moving towards the end of the season. First in NFL News, the guys feel that Ndamukong Suh really does not get it by saying, “I won’t change the way I play football.” What an idiot. Steven says that if he does not change, he will find him self missing games due to suspension. Suh apologizing to his teammates and fans is getting old.

The Thursday Night Game is in the books, but since the show was recorded on Wednesday, it will be interesting to hear what the guys have to say about Jets at Patriots.

In Week 2 Jeff makes a couple surprising picks and feels that only two road teams will win. Everyone can tell which two road teams will win, but Steven thinks there are a few other road teams worthy of consideration. Jeff makes a stunning Challenge Game pick by taking the Kansas City Chiefs over the Dallas Cowboys. Steven tries to warn Jeff, but he will have nothing to do it. That is going to be a very interesting game.

All in all, the guys only differ on a couple of games, and as they talk about all 16 games maybe Steven may change a few right before game time.

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