What a way to kick off the new NFL season. Peyton Manning destroys the Ravens by throwing seven touchdown passes, the Cowboys force six turnovers and barely escape with a victory over the Giants and every single team in the AFC North lost in Week 1.

First, the guys look at Ndamukong Suh getting penalized again and looking to get fined by the league AGAIN for his illegal block in the Vikings game. Jeff and Steven both think Mike Wallace is acting like a prima donna wide receiver for being angry for having one catch as the Dolphins beat the Browns, making Steven the Smartest Man Alive. Then Steven agrees with Jerry Jones when Jones said that the Giants players were faking injuries during the Cowboys game. Steven rants about the fakers and comes up with a way for the league to stop players from faking injuries.

Jeff rants on running backs and the state of running backs in the NFL. Jeff feels that in this pass-happy league, running backs are becoming extinct and those teams that do have good running backs are not using them effectively.

The guys get through the Thursday and Sunday games and cannot wait to see two more on Monday Night Football. This podcast was presented by DraftDay.