It’s finally here! The start of the football season is just a few days away, so Steven and Jeff bring you their 2013 NFL Prediction Show.

First of all, Jeff finally reveals the team he will cheer on this season. Will this mean the dreaded “Jeff Ellis Curse” will bring this powerhouse down? One thing is certain, Jeff is all in with this pick.

Before the guys discuss their final predictions for the season, Steven has to talk about Ray Lewis’ conspiracy theory behind the black out during the Super Bowl last year. Lewis claims someone pulled the plug because they were afraid the Ravens were about to blow out the 49ers. Steven tells Lewis that sometimes it is best to keep quiet about certain things.

Finally the guys get to reveal their predictions and with the exception of two teams, Steven and Jeff agree on tons this season. Did Steven finally get pick a different NFC team to make the Super Bowl? You will have to listen to find out.

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