The guys wrap up their divisional preview shows by tackling the NFC West. First in NFL News, the guys look at the New York Jets quarterback situation. So bad there that they brought in the Packers’ rejects. Peyton Manning asks fans to be good fans and quiet down in certain situations. In some NFL locker rooms, members of the press are being encouraged to bring hazmat suits. OK, maybe not, but staph infection outbreaks are getting out of control.

In Chicago, the new Brandon Marshall plan brings more questions than answers. He gets four personal days off right before the season starts? Seems a little questionable to the guys. Plus the Dallas Cowboys are now in possession of “Secret Sauce” to win Super Bowls.

As they turn their attention to the NFC West, Steven likes the Seahawks and Cardinals and makes a bold prediction about the 49ers. Jeff still likes the 49ers to top the division and he likes the Rams a little too much for Steven’s tastes. Steven says it is because he wants them back in L.A. Finally, can you believe that after 9 seasons, Jeff has no complaint about how Steven placed the teams in alphabetical order. Curious!

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