Rex Ryan

It was brutal. It was Geno’s worst day.

— Rex Ryan on Geno Smith’s practice, via the New York Daily News.



Rex Ryan is honest and speaks his mind. When his players are good he lets them know about it and gives them praise, but when they are bad, he is brutally honest! After a horrific practice by rookie quarterback Geno Smith, Ryan did not hesitate to tell the media just how bad Smith looked on the field.

Ryan said, via the New York Daily News, “It was brutal. It was Geno’s worst day. I think, and obviously, the ankle’s part of it, but way too many picks and things. Did not look comfortable today. Obviously he has to come back from it, he will come back from it. It was a bad day. Everybody, we’ve seen it, guys have bad days. But this was a really bad day for Geno.”

Steven’s Take:
Ryan knows that he needs to name a starter for his team and he has to do it sooner rather than later. At this point, he might be trying to light a fire under Geno Smith to see if the rookie responds with better performances on the field. How will Smith respond to the setback of his ankle injury? Will he power through it or will it become a crutch? These are questions that Ryan would like to see answered and his candor about Smith’s performance at practice might be the push that gets him answers.

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