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Lesean McCoy

Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy said that he will still block and play hard with teammate Riley Cooper, but that when it comes to friendship, “…I can’t really respect somebody like that. I think as a team, we need to move past it. There are some things that are going to be hard to work with, to be honest.”

For now, McCoy will not have to play with Cooper as the Eagles have excused the wide receiver from all team activities. This came two days after the team fined Cooper for the racially insensitive comment he made at a Kenny Chesney concert. That video went viral and the Eagles took swift action before the league could get involved.

Steven’s Take:
The Philadelphia Eagles have a tough decision to make here. The season-ending injury to Jeremy Maclin leaves a huge void in the team’s wide receiving corp, however they now have a player at the position that has alienated more than half the team. As McCoy said, he will continue to play hard and make blocks for Cooper, but can this team afford to have this tension in the locker room.

The team acted quickly and fined Cooper and it appeared that would be the end of it. Now that they found it best to give him some time off by excusing him from all team activities you have to think that the organization might be discussing cutting ties with him all together.