Although the guys tease that this is an all Tim Tebow show, they assure everyone that is not going to happen. They do talk about Tebow to the Patriots to open the show. They then discuss the two most recent recipients of the HWMNBN designation. Terrell Owens seeking for a team and Chad Ochocinco Johnson getting 30 days in jail.

The guys pay their respects to Deacon Jones who passed away on June 3rd. Jeff recalls seeing him play as a kid and that the “Fearsome Foursome” were the best.

Steven talks about his recent posting of quotes, including Doug Marrone on EJ Manuel, Brett Favre on his fault with what happened with the Packers and recently with Tony Romo saying that the media doesn’t matter. Steven then tries to get Jeff to pledge his allegiance to the New Orleans Saints, but Jeff says he is just concerned about the Saints because of Victor Butler’s ACL injury.

Other injuries the guys talk about include, Michael Crabtree, Jason Pierre-Paul, Ben Roethlisberger’s and Ed Reed. They also discuss Josh Gordan’s suspension and Jets new QB Gino Smith responding with a “No comment” when questioned about him attending Jets West camp.