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Steven and Jeff get back to some NFL News. The guys start with a triple treat of “Good ‘O’ Boys” as the Buccaneers S Cody Grimm is arrested for public intoxication, the Saints WR Joe Morgan is arrested for a DUI and the Jets RB Mike Goodson is arrested on drug and weapons charges. Some guys will never learn!

Jeff changes the subject to losing weight, and on that note, the subject of a leaner JaMarcus Russell popped up. Jeff said that RG3 wanted to have some weight loss, and Steven said RG3 did not have a problem. Later Jeff said it was Cam Newton who said he wanted the weight loss, which made more sense to Steven.

Injuries have hit teams early this year. Rob Gronkowski is set to have back surgery, although his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, downplayed the back surgery, saying, “It’s not serious.” Steven had tons to say about that. Arian Foster is set to miss the rest of the Houston Texans’ OTAs and the minicamps due to his strained right calf. and Trent Richardson has a shin injury but he insists that “Injury prone is not going to be me.”

Plus the guys talk about NFL agents fuming at Jay-Z, Keyshawn Johnson scaring Justin Beiber and Joe Namath rips the Jets, AGAIN. Both guys agree it may be time for old Joe to step away.

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