The guys look back at the 15 games in Week 4. Steven and Jeff have loads of fun until Steven runs out at the end of the show so he doesn’t have to talk about Monday Night Football. For his thoughts on the game, check out his article on Bleacher Report.

The guys jump right into the games. First they send their thought and prayers to Colts head coach Chuck Pagano, who was diagnosed with leukemia and will be missing from the Colts for the next four to six months. Steven takes Jeff’s quarter and can’t wait to take more of Jeff’s money even if it is one quarter at a time and Jeff does not like that Steven got a little carried away with the “Smartest Man Alive” button after the Patriots thumped the Bills.

The guys were joined by funny man Costaki Economopoulos who had plenty to say about Rex Ryan and the New York Jets. Finally, as time was running out, Steven got on his soap box and paced around talking about the final few games until he ran out and Jeff finished the show solo.