Steven and Jeff are half way through the divisional assessment shows, but before they get to the Cowboys, Giants, Eagles and Redskins they talk about their trips to Cowboys and Chargers camp.

In NFL News, they discuss Terrell Owens quickly shedding his HWMNBN status as he heads to Seattle to become a Seahawk, Hard Knocks starts tonight with the Miami Dolphins and the guys set the over/under of shots featuring Ryan Tannehill’s wife, Lauren, at six. The guys also take the time to send their thoughts and prayers to Andy Reid and his family at the loss of their son, Garrett.

Finally, in the NFC East, the guys agree that all four teams in this division are going to be tough this year. Steven reveals why he dreads discussing the NFC East, while Jeff showers praises on all four teams. True to his word though, Steven did not say the Redskins QBs name on air and at times, Jeff was no help.