The guys are a back with an NFL News Show. However someone heard nudes show and we got unclothed models in the Rave Cave. Not sure how the guys are going to explain that one to the Mrs. at home.

In NFL News, the guys started with some fun news that involved no other than Patriots QB, Tom Brady. Steven really enjoyed his video Under Armour spoof on Funny or Die and said that Tom can have fun when he wants to have fun and that sometimes there are people who like the Empire. Jeff enjoy the video as well but with nude models roaming the Rave Cave, it took some time to get Jeff’s full attention.

In today’s show, the guys also covered Chad Ochocinco going to Miami, Michael Huff saying that Al Davis was the de-facto defensive coordinator for the Raiders, FOX analyst Terry Bradshaw saying that he would not allow his son to play football now and Tim Tebow responding to Tedy Bruschi.

Plus Steven says that he wants to get a .20 blood alcohol level so that he can see what these players are feeling when they get pulled over for DUis, ala Giants David Diel and Jaguars Justin Blackmon.