The guys are beat down and the last ones standing on Radio Row in Indianapolis. The great folks at the JW Marriott were nice enough to hook the power back up so the guys could record a final podcast from the Indy and talk about Super Bowl 46. The show is only 25 minutes long, but that’s because we really needed to get out of our location.

Jeff and Steven agree that it was a fantastic game and that the city of Indianapolis has earned the right to host another Super Bowl in their fantastic town. There were awesome and great hosts that threw great parties, and it ending with a great game.

The Giants are champions once again and Jeff says that folks can no longer deny Eli of elite status. Steven says he will wait until Eli’s complete body of work is finished, but that he certainly will not be calling him “Happy Feet” anymore. Giants 21 – Patriots 17 and it was a great way to end the season.