The stage for Super Bowl 46 has been set! It was a wild weekend in the Divisional Championship round and the guys will recap it for ya! The Patriots pulled ahead of the Ravens late in the game, almost losing to a FG attempt by Billy Cundiff, but sighed a sigh of relief when he missed wide left. 2 plays earlier, Lee Evans missed a potential game winning TD pass when it was stripped out of his hands. In times like that, you need to have a good grip on that ball! Joe Flacco is finally recognized as Mr. Reliable. Congrats!

On the other side of the ball, Tom Brady recognizes his “sucking” and the guys couldn’t agree more! Despite his terrible grammar, if he can suck and have his team still win, what does that say about the Patriots organization?

The 49ers show that the team is made of individuals and that they are only as strong as their weakest link. Ted Ginn Jr. has been one of the most reliable returning players since joining the NFL 5 years ago when he was a top draft pick. He grew tremendously and the niners could have greatly used him on the field, but instead had to use back up Kyle Williams which arguably cost him them the game.

Eli Manning finally has the opprotunity to outshine his bigger brother, Peyton, with another shot at the Super Bowl Bling! After his great performance yesterday, the guys do acknowledge that he is an elite player in the NFL.