What a weekend of football. Super Bowl 46 is set and its a rematch of Super Bowl 42 as the Giants and Patriots both escaped with victories thanks to the 49ers and Ravens special teams units. Steven says he aches for the losing teams but was left with an uneasy feeling knowing the games were not won on heroic plays but rather lost with horrible plays.

Steven says he is not excited for this match up, until Jeff reminds him that he is going to the Super Bowl and is one of the luckiest guys on the planet. Steven says he will have a great time covering the Super Bowl but is not looking forward to covering the Patriots and Giants players as they will not be as fun as Packers and Giants players, they will get rehearsed and canned answers.

In discussing the games, the guys agree that Joe Flacco out played Tom Brady but Billy Cundiff’s miss was just wrong. Steven goes on record saying he would never have his season end on the foot of a kicker, not even if the kicker for 100 fro 100 from 32-yards out. Jeff makes the case that Eli Manning has earned elite status and nobody will be able to deny him if he gets his second Super Bowl ring.

Finally, Steven feels for the 49ers and says that the NFC West needs to watch out as this team is going to be around for a long time.