The guys are getting ready to head to San Francisco to cover the 40ers/Saints game but get you ready for all four Divisional Round Playoff games with this episode. The guys talk about Jeff Fisher not being ready to make a decision between the Rams or the Dolphins and Bill Cowher says he has been contacted by several teams but he is not interested. The guys talk about some of the collegiate players that have declared their intentions for the NFL Draft.

As Steven promised in the last episode, he has wrangled up not one but two player interviews for the show. 49ers LB Blake Costanzo discusses his days playing in Germany and the great Special Teams unit in San Francisco, while Giants CB Prince Amukamara talks about his affinity for Pippa Middleton and the guys say they will pull some strings to see if they can get him a tweet or something.

The guys then get around to talking about the four Divisional games and Steven points out that this is the 1st time in NFL history that 4 Super Bowl MVP quarterbacks play in this round, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Gonna be tough for the other four QBs. Jeff and Steven differ on two of the games this weekend. Jeff is rolling with all four home teams, while Steven likes the Giants and Texans on the road.

The guys would like to thank SSNR for allowing their interviews of Prince and Blake to run on the podcast.