The guys are tired as they return from their day trip to San Francisco to cover the Monday Night Football game between the 49ers and the Steelers. They have some great stories regarding the two power outages that delayed the game multiple times.

Young man Jordan Ellis joins his dad and uncle Steven to talk about the Week 15 games. Jordan and Steven have some fun at Jeff’s expense as Steven finished the week at 11-5 and Jeff ends the week at 8-8. However Jeff points out that he is the smartest man alive and now the 2011 Challenge Game Champion. Jeff asks that anyone with punishment ideas for Steven to email them in. Steven however says that he will not record any punishments until September and the guys let him know that just means that leaves more time for Jeff’s twisted mind to work.

Finally, the guys recap all Week 15 games and are certain that the final two weeks of the season are going to provide some great football.