It’s either now or later, when would you prefer it? Both the Packers and the Colts decided they wanted to break their respective streaks this past weekend full of surprises! It seems the Chiefs didn’t get the memo that they had no chance at beating the Packers so they went out there with their heads held high, ready to crack some Packers. The ’72 Dolphins can quit holding their breath as they remain the only team in history to go 17-0. The Colts also become a needle in the Titan’s side as they put the pressure on them for their playoff spot. The expression “Go down fighting” has had some effect on the teams in the Colt’s division.

Somehow, half the teams in Jeff’s “Powerful” rankings go down. While they may get in the playoffs, Jeff questions their presence in the post-season games. Parody of Parity? Either way, the NFL is full of it and it’s exactly what they got going on!

For you Tebow bandwagon’ers, it may be time to hop off. The evil hooded emperor brings the Denver Bronco’s to their knees with Darth Brady and his storm troopers on the field. While Tebow was on FIRE in the first quarter of the game, there just wasn’t enough gas in the tank to keep up with the elite Patriots. Although the Broncos may get into the playoffs, unless they can score 30+ points per game, they ain’t getting very far.

As the regular season is in the home stretch (or more appropriately the red zone), the guys take a look at the contenders! In the AFC, the Ravens, Steelers, Patriots, and Texans are locked in. In the NFC, the Packers, 49’ers, and Saints have a spot, but the Falcons and the Lions are still in the hunt for the final spot. It’s anyones game!