Tim Tebow steals the spotlight again! Well, at least he’s half way to stealing John Elway’s spotlight! For the 7th time, Tebow has made the cover of Sports Illustrated (No, not the swimsuit edition) and is only 7 away from hitting Elway’s record of 14 appearances. If you’re a magazine publisher and want to sell magazines? It’s not sex that sells, it’s TEBOW! At least SI and NFL Magazine think so. Is this whole thing a ploy to keep up the SI Curse to swing games in favor of the office pool? The guys seemed pretty convinced themselves.

While recently being crowned kings of AFC South, the Houston Texans suffer another critical blow to the stronger side of the team. Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips has taken a medical leave in order to complete a scheduled surgery later on this week. Although the team is not exactly sure when Phillips is expected to return, they believe it will be a little later in the season.

Finally, the league continues its investigation on the Cleveland Browns and their failure to attend to a potentially serious head injury on QB Colt McCoy. While Colt was sent home today citing bad headaches, Mike Holmgren held a press conference saying, “We want to be, and we have been, and we will continue to be at the forefront of good medicine.” Teammate Scott Fujita appeals to the NFLPA pleading for an independent neurologist at all NFL games at all times. He believes having one would decrease the amount of missed injuries of players on the field that could potentially permanently harm them. He hopes it’s not too late to get this set straight and it should have been a priority brought up when finalizing the new CBA.