Continuing his not-so-great track record with the commissioner, James Harrison finds some humor with the League’s verdict on his rough hit. For the first time in history, Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers finds himself sitting out one game, because of a hit. When Harrison heard the consensus of the League’s office, he simply tweeted, “LOL.” Yeah James, not so funny– especially when the game you are suspended for is one of the most important of the coming season against the 10-3 San Francisco 49’ers.

It’s been a long time coming, but the Dolphins fire head coach Tony Sparano. While much a relief to Dolphin fans, the team will have a tough time finding a solid new head coach, however, they have been reported to have a craigslist ad out simply calling for a “young Don Shula”…. Jeff exercises his photoshop skills to see just exactly what that would look like, and it’s not pretty. Besides, what team in the NFL wouldn’t want a young Don Shula, speaking relatively of course.

Monday Night Football reveals a couple things about both teams. Marshawn Lynch, who has a peculiar sweet tooth for Skittles, led the Seahawks to dominate the Rams. Also, the Rams seem to play terribly boring and pathetic football according to Jon Groden. Maybe it’s time for Steve Spagnuolo to call it quits? Congrats to Matt Cooper who was off by a mere 2 points in the MNF prediction!

Finally, the guys take a look at Jeff’s Powerful (and slightly heretical) Rankings for Week 14. He claims GOD told him to put the Bronco’s in the 8th (or is it 9th) spot in his list. Be sure to tune into Facebook and Twitter for more up-to-date news on the teams, players, and matchups!