Shahid Kahn gets the unanimous backing from the NFL Finance Committee to purchase the Jaguars. The deal that will go through on January 2, 2012 means that the Weaver family will no longer control the Jags. Where will they go? LA? stay in Jacksonville? It’s anyone’s guess, but Shahid assures us that it will make people very happy, but we will not know until the deal is finished.

The guys introduce the Shroud of Shame and it’s debut victim– the Cincinnati Bengals. All of the Bengals Nation within driving distance of the stadium should be there to support the team! They blacked out all but one home game against the Steelers who are known to sell out all their road games anyways. Get out there and show your love for the Bengals at their last two home games!

Kellen Clemens gets a rock in a snowball this holiday season after he is cut from the Houston Texans. After just 14 days, the Texans sign former Eagle, Jeff Garcia, in hopes he can be a dependable backup after both star Shaub and Lienart are out for the remainder of the season.

Tim Tebow signs a contract with Wheaties to produce a cereal– or is that just what Steven dreamed about? The guys report that Tebow has indeed slept well and is out there practicing hard today for this weeks matchup against the Chicago Bears.