In this season of Thanksgiving the guys take time to give thanks to NFL stars who made us laugh and cry… for all the wrong reasons. First up is the NFL’s new #1 knuckle-head, Ndamukong Suh who served up some holiday horror for fans on Thanksgiving day. His post game comments were almost as egregious as his on field actions where he stomped on a guys bare arm with his cleats. He chose to apologize to teammates, coaches, and true fans for allowing refs take him out of game. Seriously!!?? He is officially the dirtiest and dimmest player in the NFL. In the heat of battle you can be vicious and cruel — now deal with it! Don’t like what we’re saying SUE US!

Stevie Johnson is kind enough to remind us the lesson of Karma. Making fun of people can have an enormous down side. Bills had just taken a 14-7 lead when Johnson’s endzone celebration mocking Plaxico Burress’ shooting himself in the leg and Santonio Holmes Jet crashing earned him a 15 yard penalty. On the ensuing botched kick-off/onsides-kick gave the Jets the ball at the Bills 36 yard line. Three plays later, Sanchez hit Plaxico Burress for a 14 yard TD to tie the game 14-14. As Jeff always says, he who laughs last is often the last one to laugh.

Dwayne Bowe finishes out our trifecta of fools. Seems Bowe (don’t) Knows much about being a competitor. While we’ve all heard the term “alligator arms” – for more on that see Bears WR Roy Williams. Bowe has taken this to an entirely new level by introducing us to “NO arms” receiving. It’s actually quite fun – first you throw your hand in the air letting your QB know you’re ready for the ball. Then when the ball comes at you, you make NO attempt at the ball because you do not want to get hurt. Like a magician. With no hands he made his team’s playoff chances disappear!

In the tears department, the Houston Texans can’t catch a break. Though they do get broken bones to brand new QB Matt Leinart who suffered a broken collarbone in the 2nd QTR in Houston’s 20-13 win over Jacksonville. T.J. Yates was needed to come in at QB and Texans don’t score anymore points in the rest of the game. The number one seed in the AFC has lost two QBs, their best WR, best RB, and best defender. With Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Tennessee still on the schedule. The Texans now have the Titans on their heels. Very sad for them.