The guys take a look back at Week 11. With the news of Jay Cutler’s broken thumb breaking, Steven begins to question the toughness of the Bears QB, however Jeff continues to give Jay the benefit of the doubt. Steven proceeds to compare Jay Cutler to the London Eye. The Benglas/Ravens game leaves Steven to question, “What is a touchdown in the NFL?” since Jermaine Gresham’s catch in the endzone was over-turned on a significantly questionable call leaving Steven to say that might have cost the Bengals the game.

In recapping the games, the guys think the Jets and Bills are both in serious trouble after dropping to 5-5. Jeff would like for both wild card teams in the AFC to come out of the AFC North, while Steven thinks both the AFC and NFC playoff spots are wide open. Steven clamors for the 49ers to be bumped up to Gold status, but Jeff is sticking to his guns that nobody can compete with the Packers this year.

Finally, with the Bills getting blown out by the Dolphins, Jeff has built up a seven game lead in the Challenge Game prompting even Steven to agree that he has little chance of catching up. Jeff’s magic number is now at two – meaning two more wins in the Challenge Game and Steven will not be able to catch him this season.