The guys give a very special goodbye to one of the Leagues most disliked players, Albert Haynesworth. Fat Albert was given his walking papers yesterday by the New England Patriots. Executives insist it had nothing to do with Haynesworth getting into a shouting match with Patriots defensive line coach Pepper Johnson during Sunday’s 24-20 loss to the NY Giants. Source with knowledge of the situation said the lineman, who had just 3 tackles in 6 games this season, was told by the Patriots that his behavior didn’t factor into his release. “He was told it just wasn’t a good fit and they wanted to end it now.” Ya right!

Tomorrow brings, TGIT to our nations passion as Thursday Night Football returns to the television schedule. The Oakland Raiders will travel south and visit The San Diego Chargers in a terribly important fight for the division lead. Doesn’t quite seem fair to CBS’s Big Bang Theory, NBC’s Community, ABC’s Carlie’s Angels, or Fox’s The X Factor. What was already a hard night for TV gets unfair as the NFL comes to do battle.

Adam Pacman Jones is opening a dangerous can of worms by opening his big twitter mouth. Though new to Bengals Steelers rivalry, he has jumped in with both feet to this heated divisional rivalry stating, “it’s a great week to be a Bengal, let’s go beat Pitts ass. And we need our 12 man.” While some are giving him grief about omitting the “th” from 12th. We think it is far more dangerous to rial up a division rival whom you trail in the standings. This is expected to be the first sellout of the season for the Bengals.

The guys look ahead and preview the game Pacman wormed us about, Bengals vs Steelers. Both have the Steelers in this game, but disagree by about how much. It should be an electric energy at Paul Brown Stadium for this fight for divisional supremacy.