Life in the 49ers Goldmine couldn’t look prettier and shinier as the team now sits at 6-1. In a division where seven wins will likely be enough to win — it may be too early to pop champagne, there remains plenty of reason to be giddy. Coming off a very important win over those horrible Orange helmets on Sunday called the Browns, many complain about the win being “ugly.” The guys are quick to point out that a win is a win and no win is qualified in the stats column as ugly or pretty. A funny thing happens when you play a team you are supposed to beat. One finds that hard work is just as necessary as if playing a good team. The Niners worked very hard and got the win putting them in a place have not been in a while — the team is off to its best start since a guy named Steve Young was under center at the Stick.

Miranda and Ellis look at the state of the franchise. With our place in division is the top, Jeff didn’t even move the helmets, he thinks it looks better with the hole where they belong. It symbolizes the distance of the divisional foes. The next closest team is the 2-5 Seattle Seahawks. The Rams just got their 1st win this last weekend, tying them with the Cardinals for last place. Jeff’s newest Powerful Rankings have 49ers second and the Rams as the division’s next best team at 27th! Noteworthy also is the significant lack of injuries for the team.

The guys next look ahead to the next game and the trip to our nation’s capital, the Washington Redskins are 3-4 and a tad better than the Orange Helmets, but not in the same class as the Niners. The harshest thing the guys can suggest to the 49ers right now is to not get cocky! Go get em. Steven has them as double digit winners and Jeff says it will be more like nine points.