Jay Cutler‘s 18 sacks seem to have taken their toll on off-field decision making. Telling the Chicago Sun Times that all the hits he’s taking: “Physically its not that big a deal, mentally it just speeds up my clock. It just makes me uneasy in the pocket” The guys provide some sage advice to Jay shut-up. Don’t say this to the press. Keep it in house. The Minnesota Vikings, who already suspected as much, are going to kill you this weekend! They do not need another bounce in their step after winning their first game last weekend. Now they KNOW that they can rattle you with pressure. Makes D Linemen very happy to know this. And two things make D Line guys happy: food and an nervous QBs.

Shocking but true, a 2009 1st Round draft pick has been traded! Seattle Seahawks, LB Aaron Curry has been dealt to the Oakland Raiders for provisional picks. Curry was a huge pass rushing prospect coming out of college, being selected 4th over all out of Wake Forest. Chosen after him were these LB household names: Brian Cushing, Clay Matthews, Ray Maualuga, and James Laurinaitis. Curry has only five career sacks in his 3rd year in the league. Like so many cast-offs, he hopes for better things donning the Silver and Black

According to Brian Billick in the NFL today: 400 is the new 300. At least when it comes to passing yards per game. The league record for 400-yard games in one season is 13 — the NFL is on a pace for 32 in 2011. With penalties helping offenses and receivers, the evolution of the passing game will continue to make this number skyrocket.

Twitter Talk features Chad Ochocinco, coming out from his 19-day self imposed Twitter ban. Plenty of F-bombs abound as he asks, “What have I missed the past 2 weeks besides that (expletive) pass in Buffalo?” “Talk about bad timing” Then he followed it up with, “I’ve just been informed by numerous followers that I wasn’t traded I was dropped from their Fantasy Teams, bunch of impatient (expletive) people!” Where you at 85? Well, now we know once again.