Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory seemed to be the mantra for Week 4, as the Cowboys lost 34-30 to the now 4-0 Detroit Lions. The guys break down the loss and look at what went wrong. Jeff gets a little emotional calling out head coach, Jason Garret for horrible play calling in the second half. Historic defeats tend to leave historic hard feelings.

Steven, on the other hand, is quick to come to the defense of Tony Romo and goes so far as to insist that he would take Romo ANY DAY over any QB in the NFL (with 3 exceptions). For everyone saying it is time to change QBs, especially Deion Sanders, Steven wants to know whom you would rather have throwing the rock. Aside from Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and a healthy Peyton Manning, Steven likes Tony. He points to Romo’s numbers and notes that they are up there with the best. People tend to forget that although Romo is in his 9th season in the league, this is early in his 5th season as a starter.

New Harris Poll rankings are out and they deliver the same old results. America’s Team still wears a Star and plays in the Cathedral in Arlington. Yes, the Dallas Cowboys remain atop the Harris Poll as the most popular football team in America. Jeff thinks it is time for a change and Steven… well you know what he thinks.

The guys talk about how the Cowboys can get healthy during their Week 5 Bye Week. Jeff asks if the Cowboys need the bye more than the Ravens, Browns, Dolphins, Rams or Redskins. Steven reminds us that Bill Parcells would say you are what your record says you are and right now the Cowboys sit at 2-2 and with some focus and a top 10 offense and top 10 defense, the Cowboys can still win the division and get to the playoffs.