It is dreary and rainy day outside the Rave Cave so the guys ask for your warmth. Do whatever you can, place your hand on your monitor and send them your warmth, set that laptop firmly on your lap. They need it. Being L.A. guys they have a very narrow temperature threshold of about three degrees and are basically woosies.

Speaking of warmth, Dolphins head coach, Tony Sparano best not sit down lest he burst into flames from the hot seat he finds himself on. Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish declared back in 1995 that “I’m such a baby, the Dolphins make him cry,” how must he feel now? As if things were not bad enough for south beach’s “I wear my sunglasses at night” guy, he now finds out that mediocre QB, Chad Henne will be out a while with a separated shoulder. The guys speculate that open tryouts will be held at the Free Masson’s Lodge on Southwest 61st Avenue tonight. For whatever it’s worth, the guys remind fans of south Florida that, at least they HAVE a team to make them miserable!

A most stupid prediction is made by the Redskins new back-up RB, Tim Hightower. He told Comcast Sports D.C. that “fun will be in Feb. when you guys are interviewing us in Indy. Very bold prediction, but I’m going to stand by it.” The guys speculate that the “us” part of the quote is his out clause. If by “us” he means himself and former NFL stud and current smoothie pitchman, Bill Romanowski, he might be right.

Finally, Chiefs GM, Scott Pioli has some sage advice for his head coach. After another sideline meltdown; this time between head coach Todd Haley and QB, Matt Cassel, Pioli thinks a chill pill might be in order. NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi says, “I am not suggesting that Haley not demand from his team, but there is a difference between coaching and being a raving lunatic.” Ouch!