As the NFL steam into week 4, the guys take a hard look at the remaining unbeaten teams and their respective games. Green Bay takes their 3-0 record and hosts Denver at Lambeau Field. Buffalo and their 3-0 record visit Cincinnati at Paul Brown Stadium. And finally Detroit takes their 3-0 record to Dallas in a gun-fight with the Cowboys.

Commissioner Roger Goodell and D Smith have been summoned to the principles office on Capital Hill. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee invited NFL big wigs to a meeting over their concern of the status of HGH testing efforts. According to a letter obtained by the Associated Press, the purpose of the meeting was to discuss “universal interest in protecting the health of millions of younger athletes across the country”

Our Micro-Celebrity of the day asks about David Garrard and the Colts. Joel Hobbs on Facebook asks “How is it that David Garrard hasn’t signed with the Colts (who really still need a QB) so he can go back to Jacksonville with a talented team and stick it to Jack Del Rio?!” Colts owner Jim Irsay says it’s a salary cap issue. They would not be able to bring him in under the cap. This question was apropos given last night’s Facebook pole which asked which QB gave the Colts their best chance at winning. Curtis Painter won in a landslide

Finally, Tim Tebow fans find new ways to waste company time and resources. A Denver area business has taken to its company’s digital billboard with a plea to Broncos head coach John Fox. “Play Tebow!” rotates with other images of Tebow coming out of Broncos tunnel. To this coach Fox replied, “I’ve seen a lot of billboards and can’t remember one that really influenced me,” Fox said, smiling after today’s practice.