The guys can’t believe that Week 2 is already here. The guys discuss some NFL news as the Rams have said that RB Steven Jackson will not be available for Week 2. Steven and Jeff and the rest of the NFL Rants & Raves staff send their well wishes and prayers to Bears LB Brian Urlacher who’s mother has passed away.

Steven says he would like to wash the ugliness that was picking games in Week 1. Jeff is the Smartest Man Alive as the Jets beat the Cowboys to give Jeff an early 1 game lead in the Challenge Game. Jeff went 9-7 and Steven started 7-9 and both guys look forward to picking games in Week 2.

Steven and Jeff agree on 14 games this week. Jeff was taking the Vikings until Steven talked him into taking the team Jeff is supporting this year, the Buccaneers. Steven says that for having so much talent like Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin, the Vikings are not very exciting on offense. In the Challenge game, Jeff is taking the home dog Atlanta Falcons while Steven is sticking with the Eagles.