The guys compare Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio behaving like a Jack-the-box. One minute you are the starting QB, the next minute, BOING, surprise, you’re out of a job! That’s what Del Rio did to his starting QB, David Garrard just days before the season starts. Now Jacksonville will head into the season with Luke McCown as their starting QB.

The guys also discuss the fact the Colts announced that Peyton Manning is OUT for the Texans game for Week 1 so the guys put Houston on notice, letting them know that this is the year that they have to win the division. If they cannot do it this year, they won’t ever do it.

Finally, the guys take a look at the predictions from their Facebook friends and there really is no surprise as the fans pick the Packers and Patriots to face off in Super Bowl 46.

The guys talk about Pre-Season Power Rankings and Steven does not like them. Jeff shows ESPN’s,’s and Fox Sports rankings. After that, Steve is compelled to show of his rankings.