After weeks of being away, the guys are back to finish off the season with a recap of Super Bowl XLV Recap. The guys share some stories from Dallas, TX including Radio Row fun, late nights and stuff left on the cutting room floor.

Once it is all sorted out, the guys will put up pictures, videos and interviews that they have not put up on the site just yet. The guys talk a little bit about NFL News, as Steven makes the CBA the first non-human entity HWMNBN. So the guys instead talk about some of the franchise tag players. The Eagles place the franchise tag on Michael Vick, ensuring Vick getting about $16 million payday next year, while surprise, surprise, the Chargers make WR Vincent Jackson their franchise player guaranteeing Jackson about $10 to $11 million. The guys also talk about all the options the 400 fans that did not get their seat at the Super Bowl are getting.

Steven and Jeff finish off the season by reliving Super Bowl XLV. Jeff does a Christina Aguilera impression by messing up the National Anthem, while Steven talks about the Mendenhall fumble that sealed the Steelers fate. Steven becomes the “Smartest Man Alive” as the Packers beat the Steelers 31-25 and cannot wait to punish Jeff. Who’s ready for that?