Steven and Jeff come back with the final show before Dallas. Congrats to the Packers and Steelers as they take huge leads and hold on in the end to earn spots in Super Bowl XLV. They guys talk about all of the news surrounding Jay Cutler and all of the negative criticism. Jeff thinks Cutler should have done more to try to get back into the game, while Steven said if you’re hurt, your hurt and only that person can determine the severity of the injury.

They also talk about Philip Rivers sympathizing with Jay Cutler, while Sean Peyton comes out and says Drew Brees played with a sprained MCL. The guys also discussed Antonio Cromartie using more expletives when talking about the potential lockout and the Steelers embracing their role as underdogs in the Super Bowl.

The guys then get to the games and discuss the Packers having problems putting the Bears away and the Steelers hanging on for the win after taking a 24-0 lead over the Jets. Steven says both Packers and Steelers offensive performances need to be better in the Super Bowl as they were both shut out in the second half of their respective games and the guys agree that this is going to be a fantastic Super Bowl featuring Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger. Plus, Jeff gets to within one game of Steven in the Challenge game and now must pick against Steven in the Super Bowl if he is to forgo getting punished.