If you’re a football fan, you know what that means!

Week 14 is over and so is Brett Favre’s streak. The streak of consecutive starts by a quarterback in the NFL came to an end when the Vikings made Favre inactive for the rescheduled game at Ford Field in Detroit for a Monday Night Football game against the Giants. Whew, that was a mouthful. The guys get a late start because the Texans and Ravens went to overtime in Houston.

The guys cover the NFL News as they discuss the cave in at the Metrodome, the injury bug continuing as Brandon Graham of the Eagles, LaRon Landry of the Redskins, Gerald McCoy and Quincy Black of the Buccaneers were all placed on season ending IR. Plus, did we mention that Brett Favre’s streak ended at 297?

The guys recap all the games as guest pickers Alex M ties Jeff with 11 correct picks this week. Jeff also wins the Challenge Game, as the Steelers spank the Bengals, but feels a little bad because he feels Steven gift wrapped that game for him. Finally the guys remind you to go vote for NFL Rants & Raves for Best Sports Podcast at www.PodcastAwards.com and to help little Deeds get his dog. Click here to donate now!